Domestic Partners Planning

Financial Advice for LGBTQ Individuals and Domestic Partners

For Domestic Partners and the LGBTQ community, asset management and appropriate wealth strategies can be paramount. Successfully addressing your financial needs requires a plan that encompasses retirement planning, estate planning, risk management and trust considerations. We understand the importance of using a seasoned financial professional to address these challenges. Our team can help you make informed decisions and ensure a secure financial future in terms that you define and we design.

We will work with you or you and your partner to answer questions or explore options appropriate for your financial needs. We take the time to know you and fully understand your goals. Using the resources of our firm, we are eager to engage your estate planning attorney and CPA to present a plan to pursue all your financial needs.


As Financial Advisors, we act in conjunction with both individuals or partners and related businesses to develop and implement investment strategies for the accumulation and protection of your assets. Decades of combined experience allow us to identify and address your financial needs through a coordinated approach. We offer access to a broad platform of resources, to meet the needs of our clients.